McQuarrie's Physical Therapy

An Alternative to Traditional Outpatient Clinic in Historic Braddock Heights

An alternative to the traditional outpatient clinic. Our mission is to provide specialized care and attention to individuals with geriatric, orthopedic, and neurological issues

Rich McQuarrie

Began his career over 20 years ago at Kernan, nationally known for its orthopedics. While there he initially specialized in treating those with orthopedic injuries, joint replacements, pediatric limb lengthening procedures, amputations/prosthetics, and later as a senior clinician was instrumental in developing the Traumatic Brain Injury Unit in the new hospital. Rich continued his acute rehab experiences in this area and then pursued home health and pediatric opportunities as well. His diverse experiences make him a well rounded clinician. He takes a unique approach to addressing each person’s goals for recovery on an individual basis. Rich has also been NDT and PNF trained, and is certified in Myomo Robotics for the recovery of arm paralysis following neurological events such as stroke, brain injury or other progressive neurologic disorders. He also has specialized training in prosthetics and orthotics, and wheelchair/assistive technology assessments. Rich enjoys both coaching both of his girls and their soccer teams in his spare time.

Penny McQuarrie

Started her career over 20 years ago at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in DC and successfully completed formal clinical rotations for Musculoskeletal dysfunctions, Arthritis, MS, and Parkinson’s, then Stroke and Traumatic Brain injury. She later became NDT certified in treatment of adults, while a senior on Stroke unit at Kernan Rehabilitation Hospital in Baltimore, and a certified Brain injury Specialist during development of TBI unit at WMHC. Throughout her career Penny has promoted clinical education and served as CCCE with over 200 PT schools throughout the country while at Kernan and WMHC. She has specialized training in wheelchair and seating assessment, and prosthetics. Penny was also recently Myomo Robotics certified in treatment of arm paralysis following stroke. She enjoys promoting concussion awareness post youth injuries and falls in the elderly.